My neighbors stumping for another apartment certainly solves homelessness for whoever moves in. It just doesn't solve it from the perspective of the community, including the next thousand people who show up on the streets. As activists, how do you think about them?

Unfortunately the opportunity to throw hundreds of millions more at the problem may be golden, but it's hardly unprecedented. That's the same opportunity SF keeps getting and keeps taking. I don't know that that's what's putting more people on the street, but *something* is making a big humanitarian crisis even bigger, year after year.

City Hall's homeless plan is pretty much what it was in Willie Brown's day: homelessness is an intractable problem, so we'll just keep throwing more money at it, we'll pay lip service to "profoundly solving" it, and we'll quietly expect it to get worse.

You seem to agree with Willie. Is anyone bringing more imagination?

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