Consider this gentleman at my bus stop on my way home from work.,h_729,al_c,q_90/0dc43a_86032d6ea5d2485dbe6eb42dca5e8e5c~mv2.webp

If to stigmatize is to disapprove of, I guess I'm guilty. I don't really know what destigmatization means in this context.

Yes, homelessness isn't a priority for most, just a nuisance. It's the sort of problem you throw someone else's money at, but not the sort you dig into, find a piece you can take ownership of and make a personal difference. Even the city agencies feel no ownership of the problem. They talk about throwing money this way and that, and they make vague noise about solutions, but they don't expect to move needles on the city-wide problems. The homeless advocates sound no different.

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