Consider this gentleman at my bus stop on my way home from work.,h_729,al_c,q_90/0dc43a_86032d6ea5d2485dbe6eb42dca5e8e5c~mv2.webp

If to stigmatize is to disapprove of, I guess I'm guilty. I don't really know what destigmatization means in this context.

Yes, homelessness isn't a priority for most, just a nuisance. It's the sort of problem you throw someone else's money at, but not the sort you dig into, find a piece you can take ownership of and make a personal difference. Even the city agencies feel no ownership of the problem. They talk about throwing money this way and that, and they make vague noise about solutions, but they don't expect to move needles on the city-wide problems. The homeless advocates sound no different.

Britons have paid 4% more for health care every year since providers were nationalized under the NHS in 1948. Is our anonymous hospital porter right that they still don't have modern functioning hospitals? That's an eye opener.

Whom does he blame? The organization running it for 73 years? Of course not, there can be no accountability for a government service. Some incapacitated bond trader is responsible, never mind quite how. Cold comfort for all those patients all those decades.

Here's a crazy idea: what if doctors weren't mummified in red tape and you could simply hire one without having to pay the salaries of a hundred bureaucrats? You know, more like dentists? You'd at least get more say about the care you get than the Brits do in their Royal Health Bureaucracy.

My neighbors stumping for another apartment certainly solves homelessness for whoever moves in. It just doesn't solve it from the perspective of the community, including the next thousand people who show up on the streets. As activists, how do you think about them?

Unfortunately the opportunity to throw hundreds of…

How is it anyone still believes in climate change after literally decades of failed predictions from "the science?" And especially after what we learned in 2020 about how shamelessly political bodies from City Hall to the UN misrepresent science to serve their own agenda?

Krista, as a climate activist, how do you reconcile the disgrace of the supposed experts and their computer models in climate, disease, economics and so on? Given your career investment, how would you suggest the rest of us evaluate your objectivity on the subject of climate?

Do you seriously imagine Jews, watching the online fauxrage mob awarded another real-world scalp, now feel more welcome online?

Indulging a Twitter mob welcomes more Twitter mobs getting more hysterical about more preposterous slights. This is not a "reasonable response" to even real bigotry--much less the mob's fevered conjectures.

Where should we draw the lines? At sticks and stones, obviously. We figured that out centuries ago.

“Thank goodness you’re out there saying these things. I wish I could speak up, but I can’t afford to be fired.”

Public speakers on the traditional center — the Douglas Murrays and the Dave Rubens — report hearing this over and over again from their listeners, just because they’re still…

Jim Kelly

Tech guy trapped in the data mines of San Francisco. I write about economics, civic issues, and career ladder lessons, usually from a contrarian angle.

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